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 Paper trolleybus  -  paper models of public transport.

Main page

Welcome to the main page of wiki-version of “Paper trolleybus” project!

General sections of this site are:

About this project

“Paper trolleybus” is non-commercial project created for making a collection of paper public transport models. There will be placed different paper models of buses, trolleybuses, trams and other kinds of public transport from all the world. And, of course, everyone can help us to create our collection - You just need to register and log in with your name.
All the models, photos and articles of the “Paper trolleybus” project are free and are licensed GNU Free Documentation License without fixed sections.
Please, read our Rules before you start workin with our system.

Why Wiki ?

This site is based on wiki-technologie and is powered by DokuWiki. It reflects main ideas of this project:

  • All the information on this site is free.
  • Everyone can take a part in creating of this project.
  • Information on this site must be placed in very simple and “readable” format.
  • It is interesting and easy to work with this project.

DokuWiki syntax is very simple, but allows us to create all necessary pages. You can find the description of DokuWiki syntax here: syntax. And also you can find help notes almost everywhere.

From the creator

I hope that this site will gradually develop and recieve popularity as main site. The main advantage of this project - is that any user can add or edit new materials in various categories: Articles, Models or Photos. However, to avoid unpleasant situations, please observe the simple Rules. Also there are some links to my transport Projects

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license:GNU Free Documentation License 1.2
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